2021 ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development

Excerpts from Forum

- Expected economic growth rate : 6% @ 2021, 4.4% @2022, Recovery prospects are diverging.

- 3 important aspects :

i) equal access to vaccines

ii) continued support to low income and developing countries

iii) building a better tomorrow

- vaccine policy is the most important weapon in our economic arsenal today.

- 100Bn$ emergency lending for 86 countries, debt relief under the G20’s DSSI (till Dec 2021), the Common Framework designed.

-new SDR allocation equivalent to $650 billion in the summer received support

- transformation of our economies and societies for a better tomorrow.

i)ambitious carbon pricing

ii) a coordinated green investment push

iii) actions to ensure a “just transition” for vulnerable groups, and—importantly—a stepped-up commitment from the international community to provide the climate finance and technology transfers that developing economies need.

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