Switzerland Statement at UNGA75

SIMONETTA SOMMARUGA, President of Switzerland, noting that the Beijing Declaration addressed previously neglected issues such as the recognition of unpaid work, added that, 25 years later, it is mostly women who are on the front line in hospitals and homes while men continue to be in charge. During the general debate of the General Assembly, barely a dozen countries were represented by women, out of 193 Member States, she pointed out. Recalling her experience working in a women’s shelter, she said she learned there that the most dangerous place for females is not on the street, it is at home. Switzerland has ratified the Istanbul Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, she noted, adding that the demonstrations that took place in her country in 2019 led to many women being elected to the Swiss Parliament. With its candidacy for the Security Council for 2023‑24, Switzerland wants to strengthen its multilateral commitment to women, peace and security in the world, she underscored.

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