World Economic Forum 2020 [Jan 21-24]

Full program of the WEF2020 (January 21-24, 2020)

The 15th edition of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report is published -

Global Risks report 2020

The Top 5 risks with most likelihood are :

Extreme weather

Climate action failure

Natural Disasters

Biodiversity Loss

Human Made environmental disasters

The Top 5 risks with most impact are :

Climate action failure

Weapons of mass destruction

Biodiversity Loss

Extreme weather

Water Crisis

Source : WEF media

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and technology such as AI, driverless cars and the IoT formed the basis of many discussions around digital, organisational and societal transformation. The transformation of people was another important theme, from supporting mental health issues to unlocking the potential of human capital.

ex : Digitalization in the resource management revolution is driving change especially in key areas such as tackling food waste – with an alarming statistic – one-third of food produced ends up as waste. The Kitro AI food bin utilizes the visuals from the camera fitted in the bin and the AI process to record and analyze what was not being eaten and thrown away.

In particular SDG’s #6- universal access to drinking water and sanitation, #12- responsible production and consumption and #13-climate action.

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