• Joint meeting with INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications) from 10-11am Madrid time on Tuesday December 10, 2019 in Room 22 in the UN Zone at COP25. To enable public access, the meeting will be live-streamed via the newly launched CCC YouTube channel (link =

INATBA and recently participated in INATBA activities during the Convergence Global Blockchain Congress, at which time several INATBA members suggested the formation of a new WG focused on Climate Action. The process to form the Climate Action WG is in progress, and with the strong support within INATBA, it is expected to be approved formally in the coming weeks. In the meantime, members within INATBA will continue with work to define the work plan for the future WG. The joint meeting for December 10 will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to learn more about the organisations and the planned Climate Action WG.

  • Climate Chain Coalition is partnering with Climate Action to support the 10th Annual Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019 taking place alongside COP25 on the 10th-11th December in Madrid. The Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF) has been uniting the public and private sector to accelerate climate action for the last 10 years. SIF is now recognised as the leading business-focused side event taking place alongside the UN Climate Change negotiations. This year SIF will play a critical role in driving forward the Paris Agreement by convening over 600 delegates in just two days. SIF will gather environment, finance and energy ministers, city leaders, heads of UN agencies, CEO’s and heads of sustainability from global businesses and founders of clean tech start-ups that have the technology, expertise and capital to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon, global green economy.

  • Workshop “Connecting the dots – Join the interactive sprints on Digitalization & Blockchain, Climate Action and Education” which will be held at the occasion of the Capacity-Building-Day on 4th of December 2019, 13:30 – 15:30 CET at the venue of COP25 in Madrid, Spain.

The workshop is jointly organized by the Climate Ledger Initiative and the Institute for Environment and Human Security of the United Nations University.

The objective of the workshop is

  • to bring together climate policy makers and practitioners currently working in the domain of digitalization and climate action, and

  • to launch a process of a continuous exchange of experiences originating from real world projects on digitalization, education and climate action

A meaningful debate on digitalization and climate action based on field experiences will be facilitated through an interactive World Café setting. Small moderated roundtable discussions will allow participants to dive deeply into topics of their interest and expertise, such as

  • Next-generation of registries to track mitigation outcomes on blockchain,

  • Digitizing Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV),

  • Using blockchain for transparency in climate finance,

  • Emerging digitized markets for decentralized energy,

  • Designing Online Collaborative Platforms for Capacity Building.

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