COP14 (UNCCD), CRIC 18, CST 14 - New Delhi, 2-13 September

For the fulfillment of the Convention’s goals for 2018-2030 representatives from over 197 parties are expected to agree on about 30 decisions #UNCCDCOP14

The Agenda includes various topics picturing the vast issues affected by #desertification.

more info:

"The annual global cost of land degradation due to land use change and reduced cropland and range land productivity has been estimated at roughly USD 300 Billion. Irresponsible production and consumption threaten our land, leaving it depleted and degraded. It is important we mind how much we need without being wasteful or greedy. 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year" - PIB, India.

In 1992 countries created:

@UNCCD - to fight desertification

@UNBiodiversity- to protect biodiversity

@UNFCCC - to fight #ClimateChange

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