Measuring progress on Urban-Rural Linkages through developing 64 Indicators.

The recent publication on URL presented 64 measurable indicators during the release Side event at 1st UNHABITAT Assembly.

Source :



The framework and matrix certainly spanned beyond SDG11 and has overlapped to Tier III. ( No internationally established methodology or standards are yet available for the indicator, but methodology/standards are being (or will be) developed or tested).

This exercise of URL developing indicators - would require supplements from the IAEG SDG's review. From the observations currently June – July 2019 – The IAEG-SDGs will review the proposals received and prepare an initial proposal of possible deletions, adjustments, replacements and additions based on the submissions received as well as work already carried out by the IAEG-SDG (inter alia E/CN.3/2017/2, Annex V).

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The UN specialised agencies are also looking in pilot studies of Social spending in-order to meet the finances required to fulfil SDG's.

Perhaps in the near future one could see a toolkit of sort to measure the progress of URL.

for example similar to :

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