Guiding Principles for Urban-Rural Linkages (GP-URL)

We are pleased to share with you the published version of the Guiding Principles for Urban-Rural Linkages (GP-URL) and a Framework for Action after over a year of formulation with the participation of many actors and sectors.

Our contributions are published through UN-Habitat that has finalized the editing and design of the published version of the text for widespread dissemination. The final version can be accessed with this link [].

The goal of the URL-GP is to inform pragmatic strategies and propose a Framework for Action to build an enabling environment for more inclusive and functional urban-rural linkages. The URL-GP will be formally launched in the upcoming UN-Habitat Assembly(Nairobi) in late May (27th to 31st).

The final text of the URL-GP, the history of the process leading to its development, reports of key meetings, relevant resources, case studies and archived early draft call all be found on the project website:

-- on behalf of dissemination for UNHABITAT

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