Guiding principles of Urban-Rural Linkages

The Guiding Principles and Thematic Pathways are drawn from multiple sources including policy decisions and reports from UN agencies, government and academic research, multi stakeholder expert meetings, policy papers for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs), the New Urban Agenda and inputs from city networks, academic and civil society experts.

The Guiding Principles will bring an integrated urban-rural perspective to other relevant Member State approved guidelines and can provide a reference for revising national policy frameworks as well as local strategies. The desired outcome is to promote and advocate for inclusive and integrated urban and territorial development as called for in the New Urban Agenda and to inform urban-rural linkages called for in the SDGs. These non-binding principles should inform fields of action from different entry points, and are intended to help spatially link urban and rural actors, bring different government levels to share perspectives on integrated urban and territorial development, and thereby enhance synergies from flows of people, products, services and information with the goal to foster economic, social and environmental sustainability across the urban-rural continuum.

Over 125 international organizations and partners have participated since the zero draft was first released before the World Urban Forum in January 2018. Three physical consultations held over 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, La Paz and Nairobi.

The final edited version will be released in early 2019, nearly one year since the zero draft. There have been over 60 substantive contributors to one or more drafts.

First working session in the participatory process for developing urban-rural linkages

Source : Zero draft urban rural linkages 2018.

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