COP24 (in Katowice) , Climate chain Coalition, Article 6.2 (Paris agreement)

Article 6.2 has been further discussed at COP24

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Climate Chain Coalition (CCC) reached its first anniversary. 12 organizations gathered at the founding meeting on December 12, 2017. Today the CCC includes nearly 140 organizations, demonstrating interest in blockchain across all regions, sectors and stakeholder groups.

A CCC “COP24 Update” has been posted to the CCC website.


- Goyang City (Korea), represented by Dr. Kwi-Gon Kim, is leading the CCC Communities Team. Their plans for making Goyang City a sustainable, low carbon city was presented during the sessions.

- “Climate needs the innovation power of the fourth industrial revolution for us to successfully implement the Paris Agreement. This relates to innovative technology and regulation, and it relates to solutions for both developed and developing countries” - Nick Beglinger, CEO (#Hack4Climate)

#Hack4Climate focuses on the intersection of climate and three key technologies: 1. Internet of Things (IoT) 2. Distributed Ledgers (DLT, commonly referred to as ‘Blockchain’), and 3. Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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