TLF consortium (UNGGIM private sector network member) active participation in the World Bank’s Land

08-02: Surveyors in Today's World: a Round Table was held on Wednesday, 21/Mar/2018: 3:45pm - 5:15pm with Session Chair: Maurice Barbieri, CLGE (Council of European Geodetic Surveyors), Switzerland

TLF consortium (UNGGIM private sector network member) participated as active participation in the World Bank’s Land and Poverty Conference last week that helped to make it a very engaging and successful event.

Two Posters were also presented during the conference

ID: 103 Distributed ledger technologies and blockchain for a better Sustainable development goals framework

ID: 362 Fintech and its impact on Land administration and geographical information systems

"Land and Poverty conference will present the latest research and practice on the diversity of reforms, interventions, and innovations in the land sector around the world" - Source :

Particular interests :

Innovative Techniques for Improving Valuation: Technology Concepts

Andrew Coote1, Kathrine Kelm2, Rumyana Tonchovska3

1Consultingwhere Ltd, United Kingdom; 2World Bank; 3Food and Agriculture Organisation



14-06: A Toolkit for Screening Prospective Investors in Agriculture

Time: Friday, 23/Mar/2018: 1:30pm - 3:00pm Session Chair: William Speller, UNCTAD, Switzerland, Location: MC 6-100


A Toolkit For Screening Prospective Investors In Agriculture

William Speller1, Asuka Okumura2, Hafiz Mirza3, Christopher Brett2, Duncan Pringle2

1UNCTAD, Switzerland; 2World Bank, Washington DC; 3University of Reading, UK


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