Cambodia (ASEAN) participates in ISO TC 307

Recently in August 2018, Cambodia has agreed to participate as P member in ISO TC 307.

making the number of P members in ISO TC 307 to 37.

Earlier in March 2018, In March 2018, FIG, commission 9, K2AManagement and TLF - presented and discussed the opportunities for Cambodia to become a P member in ISO-TC307 Block Chain &DLT in a meeting with # Cambodia ISC Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts #Cambodia (#ASEAN). We have submitted expression of Interest to assist Cambodia to become P member in - ISO TC 307 - FIG liaison member to take up the lead for representing Cambodia in the International plenary to be held in London. (

We also met Department of Accreditation Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts #Cambodia. DA has expressed interest to establish a Technical committee and explore the opportunities in ISO TC307 and also in OGC and work through the Ministries.

TLF also Participated in Training Session at #Angkor University Siem Rep #Cambodia

Skill development has been a primary focus of TLF members in United nations networks.

We are fostering talent and through skill development programs in entire ASEAN region.

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