Joining the Block chain standards

Digital technology is helping land professionals in a variety of ways, as we find out in this issue. “Fintech” and cadastres that can use Bitcoin and similar currencies have positive applications in land and real-estate transactions, as one article discusses, while another details how the National Trust has drastically cut the time taken to compile and validate data for grant applications

Manohar Velpuri details the different stages of development of fintech and cadastres, and their impact on countries around the world in RICS land journal.

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In the mean time the relevance of standards for blockchain has been emphasised.

FIG - blockchain experts meeting with Danish standards organisation: S-843 Blokchain - Sydney follow-up meeting was held in Copenhagen on 26th June.

The meeting on June 26th was held from 12.00-17.00 Several interested stakeholders, the following potential members joined our meeting at 12.30 as guests/observers, to consider if they should become members as well:

- Allan Petersen from Cetrea - Deanna MacDonald from BLOC - Nicky Overgaard Pedersen from PA Consulting - Karen Lauberg Lauritsen – Lauberg Consulting – Member of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 40 and S-440 IT Governance Members of the DSO - S843 that participated in the meeting are :  Roman Beck - IT-Universitetet  Martin Boye Ovesen - Nets  Morten Helles - NewBanking  Kasper Sylvest Olsen – Danske Bank (appointed by FinansDanmark)  Christian Schmidt-Madsen – Digitaliseringsstyrelsen  Roy Anirban (Replacing Claus Ljunggren) CSC has merged with HPE Enterprise Services to "DXC Technology".  Gustaf Löfberg - Netcompany  Torben Craner – NNIT  Karim Jabbar – BLOC (Appointed by Copenhagen Fintech)  Manohar Velpuri – FIG (International Federation of Surveyors)  Rasmus Ebdrup – PWC  Astrid Bækby Knudsen – Danish Standards

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