The proposal or idea for an Open statistical Consortium for Geospatial Standards evolved during the workshop and Expert group meeting on Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information.



The Open statistical consortium is part of the TLF consortium which aims for bringing together several standards that are related to the Geospatial world. The standards that are related to INSPIRE, SDMX, ISO, OGC could be arranged as a single repository that could help for integration for both the Statistical and Geospatial world.


OECD countries may need to develop a new standards taxonomy for SDMX. ISO TC 211 also may have to share some of these works on standards related to Geospatial world. OGC - Open geo consortium is also working on these standards and are openly available. Access is a key criterion for the integration of several standards without duplication of efforts.

TLF consortium has an informed interest to promote the idea of an Open Statistical consortium that would enable faster integration of standards related to the geospatial world and Statistical community.  As Technology intervention and Industry 4.0 is rapidly being experienced it becomes important to allow integration at an equal pace.