March 17, 2017

Valuation Module is foreseen as input to ISO TC211 for the revision of ISO 19152:2012, which starts next year and should result in LADM 2.0. As part of the research methodology, we submitted answers to the questionnaire from denmark, singapore and views from other developing nations. These inputs may enable us to create an  inventory that reveals commonalities and differences among valuation systems, especially used for recurrently levied immovable property taxes

TC 211

March 17, 2017

ISO /TC 211 is a standard committee that covers the areas of digital geographical information and geomatics. It is involved in the preparation of series of international standards and technical specifications.

TC 307

March 17, 2017

Standardisation of blockchains and distributed ledger technologies to support interoperability and data interchange among users, applications and system

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