Our current focus is solutions linked to Cyber security and Block-chain 

       - Cyber security risk is business risk  (operational vs litigation vs reputation)

       - Analysing the vulnerabilities of organisation to identify potential threats posed by nation states,cyber criminals, and insiders.

       - Assets and Business system environment to prevent Cyber attacks

       - Cyber security leadership plans to mitigate cyber threats to Organisations particularly using Crypto currencies.

       -  Implementing Technologies like Block chain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

       -  Protecting permissioned Block chain ( detection of the breach, communication of the breach, and containment of the breach) -

          Response planning

       - Implementing Risk management strategies.

  • A number of high profile cyber-attacks against banks in recent years have served to highlight the escalating threats to the security of customer funds and financial data.

  • The attacks described in general target all types of financial institutions systems, not just blockchains. 

  • The range of cyber-attacks targeting the financial services industry include:

        - Malware

        - Web Application Attacks / Credential Stuffing.

        - Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks.

        - Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attack

        - Ransomware Attack.

        - Theft of Keys

        - Attacks on process.